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OBIEE User Dictionary

Pete Bunning 14th March 2018 1

I’ve been looking at metadata a fair amount lately as my clients prepare for the onset of GDPR.  I’m not keen on static documents that are out of date before you hit the Save button but getting OBIEE to be self-documenting is a challenge (First World problems eh?).  Despite that I persevered and have had

Oracle Management Cloud – New Year – New Functionality

Philip Brown 20th January 2018 3

Oracle Management Cloud is a Cloud based solution; that’s important because it means Oracle has to do all the platform maintenance and management, so it saves you a job…but more importantly it means when the new features are released on a monthly basis you don’t need to upgrade a stack of software to get access

OAC/Essbase: Installing the SmartView Cube Designer

Paul Cannon 19th January 2018 4

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to installing the Essbase Cube Designer in Excel from an Oracle Analytics Cloud Essbase service. If you already have an old version of Smartview installed you must replace it with the latest version from technet  ( I had an earlier version but with this the ‘Check for Updates, New

PaaS Service Manager Command Line Interface and OAC

Paul Cannon 18th October 2017 5

The PaaS Service Manager Command Line Interface (PSM) is a utility providing life cycle management for all of Oracle’s cloud services, not just Oracle Analytics Cloud. It provides a large suite of commands to manually or script tasks such as creating & deleting services, backups & restoring, patching, service monitoring and much more. As it

Move Past the Hype When Moving E-Business Suite to the Cloud

admin 16th October 2017 6

There’s a lot of hype in the marketplace about “cloud”, and when you consider Oracle’s barrage of marketing around both their Cloud Applications, and more recently their Public Cloud, customers are confused about what is what. Until recently, E-Business Suite (“EBS”) customers in particular have been left in a difficult situation in regard to support

PowerBI Tiles Pro Desktop Word Add-in Refresh Error

Paul Cannon 13th October 2017 7

I’ve been using the PowerBI Tiles Pro Desktop add-in for Word to build a document using tiles from by PowerBI reports and I’ve come across a rather silly error, when using the refresh option I get the following helpful message: The full text of which is: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800A1066): Command failed    at Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Hyperlink.get_SubAddress()    at

Oracle Analytic Cloud: Accessing the Essbase Server

Paul Cannon 13th October 2017 8

Although the Oracle Analytic Cloud services spin up and run seamlessly from the Cloud Service Console, they are still just OBIEE and Essbase software installed on a Linux server with the service console acting as an easy to use front-end to manage them. You are still able to access the server directly to perform tasks

Migrating Essbase cubes to the Oracle Analytics Cloud

Paul Cannon 12th October 2017 9

I’ve been playing quite a bit recently with the new Essbase service that forms one of the options within the Oracle Analytics Cloud under the natty heading “Collaborative Data Collection, Scenarios and What-if Analysis”. So, it’s now time to run through the basics of how you can migrate up your current Essbase cubes into this