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Build Your Own Hybrid Cloud DBaaS Pilot in a Day

by Aaron Caddell on 28th March 2017 No comments

On-Demand Webinar Available

Should you decide to sign up for our on demand webinar we will be demonstrating how you can harness the benefits of Oracle Cloud and use that to deploy a DBaaS capability to enable self service IT within your organisation. Oracle Cloud enables rapid deployment of infrastructure but on its own you can’t harness it’s true potential. By building DBaaS using the Oracle Cloud infrastructure as it’s backbone you will see how effective this technology can be. It will also show how rapidly it can be deployed to solve lots of challenges faced by IT.

On the webinar Red Stack will show you how to build out the functionality of your existing Oracle Enterprise Manager to enable a DBaaS capability. This capability can be implemented in a very short time frame and will provide you with not just an element of automated provisioning but a fully functioning self-service console, service catalogue, environment lifecycle management and chargeback. Because this is built into the existing OEM framework then all the aspects of monitoring and management come hand in hand with the self-service capability.

OEM can utilise Oracle Cloud PaaS or IaaS infrastructure to become resource zones to quickly enable DBaaS. These can be generic pools or specific to particular groups of users.

If you are running Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.2 there are options for using Oracle Cloud IaaS or PaaS as well as existing on-premises infrastructure for DBaaS resource pool. Thus a true hybrid Private/Public cloud can be built providing infinite scaleability or burst capacity.

On the webinar we will also make an offer for a limited number of spaces, where we will assist building a working pilot on site free of charge and provide the cloud credits to run the pilot in the cloud.

Signing up to our DBaaS in a day webinar:

If you would like to sign-up to our webinar or if you would just like to simply learn more click the image below or visit this link

DBaaS 24 Webinar Page

Aaron CaddellBuild Your Own Hybrid Cloud DBaaS Pilot in a Day

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