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BigData refers to datasets, which exceed traditional database systems. This means that the amount of data is too large, or doesn’t fit the fixed data model of the conventional relational database system. To resolve this problem and gain value from this data, an alternative process must be used, and with the introduction of BigData, organisations can now have access to more data than ever before.

BigData can generally be defined by the 4 V’s:

  • Volume – Scale of the data
  • Variety – Different forms of data
  • Velocity – Analysis of streaming data
  • Veracity – Uncertainty of data


The main types of NoSQL databases are:

Tick Key Value Store

Tick Graph Databases

Tick Column Store Databases

Tick Document Databases


NoSQL databases differ from the traditional relational database management system as they do not require data to fit a schema. This is especially useful when you are working with large amounts of data that don’t necessarily fit a structure, as data can be stored without a schema meaning there is no need for a fixed data model. NoSQL databases also differ from relational models as they have the ability to scale out, and take advantage of new nodes, which is of particular importance presently as transaction rates, and availability requirements are increasing.

BigData and NoSQL Technologies we offer:

Big Data

Managed Services:

  • 24×7 & Business Day support
  • Pro-active or reactive models
  • Full monitoring of all systems
  • Patch Management

Professional Services

  • BigData Discovery Workshops
  • Installation & migrations
  • Support in migrating to a new platform
  • Health checks & performance
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