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Business Analytics VS Business Intelligence

What’s the difference? Some would argue there is none and others would argue they are completely different. It really depends on what your business wants to achieve and how you get there.

Fundamentally, Red Stack Tech believe arrow-right

Business Analytics – The need & demand to get the most out of information and your business data enabling you to strategize, plan and make better forward-thinking decisions


Business Intelligence – This is what we see as the I.T aspect. What technologies will you need to help get more insight from your business information.


Business Intelligence to achieve Business Analytics









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How can we help?

Whether your are looking at Business Intelligence or Business Analytics, Red Stack Tech can help your business move forward and implement the right solution for your organisational needs.

Business Analytics Strategy workshop 

The workshop will include a review of your current business analytics setup in which we will look at what BI components you already have in place, if any. From this we will be able to see what your data sources are, and how effective your strategy is. We will then work with you to devise an improved business analytics strategy, and plan the best way to implement it.

Business Analytics Appliance

Red Stack Tech is   uniquely   positioned   to  offer   an ‘all in one’ solution, combining Oracle Endeca and Oracle   Exalytics   in   an   exclusive   package: ‘Business Analytics   Appliance’.   This pre-defined,   pre-loaded solution   delivers   comprehensive   business   analytics to organisations seeking the competitive advantage necessary to succeed in today’s market.

How can we help

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