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Connecting NetBeans to Oracle Developer Cloud Services

by Paul Cannon on 13th March 2017 No comments

The NetBeans IDE java development tool has a plugin allowing integration with the Oracle Developer Cloud Service. This allows you to open & create Oracle Developer Cloud Service projects in NetBeans IDE and gain access to the project management facilities, including updating files and committing them to the Git repository and managing issue resolution.

In this blog, I’ll go through the basics of connecting NetBeans to Oracle Developer Cloud Service, creating a new project and uploading an existing NetBeans project into the cloud.

First some of the basics. I’m using the Netbeans IDE version 8.2, this can be downloaded from technet at or from the NetBeans site:

The first step to connect NetBeans to the Oracle Developer Cloud Service is to install the Oracle Developer Cloud Service Plug-in. Start Netbeans, then from the Tools menu select Plugins:


In the plugins screen click on the ‘Available Plugins’ tab, locate and tick “Oracle Developer Cloud Services” then Click Install.


The Netbeans IDE Installer will start…


When the license agreement screen appears, read the license agreement, tick the “I accept” box (assuming you do!) and click Install


The install will begin and start downloading the plug-ins…the whole process only takes 30 seconds or so.


Once it’s complete click Finish to close the plugin installer then close the plugin window too.

With the plugin installed, we can now create a connection. From the Window menu select Team



Click on the Team tab, then click on Connect:


To create a new connection, firstly ensure Oracle Developer Cloud Service is selected in the Provider drop-down. Next enter a unique name for the connection followed by the URL to access developer services. The URL will be similar to this:

where a123456 is your domain name (and may include -test for test environments)


Click Ok to Save.

Back in the Team tab you can now see your connection. If the connection isn’t visible click the down arrow where it says ‘Click here to select project’:


Click the Login… link.


Then enter your username and password and click Login. If successful, the connection box will change to say Open Project…


From here you can either click on Open Project or click on the cog icon for a drop down menu for other options, including creating a new Project.



A quick note here on auto synchronisation. By default, NetBeans will auto-synchronise all recently selected or open projects, which if you have many projects could result in a large download – it includes builds, issues and Git repositories. It might therefore be worth changing the auto-sync option to selected projects only:



To create a new Project, select this from the cog drop down. The new project window will open:


Enter a name and description and the security level, click next.


Specify a local folder to hold the project files. In my case I already had a local project which I wanted to move up to the Developer Cloud Service, so I used ‘Add Project’ to bring that in too.


Check the summary details are correct and click Finish.

The new project will take a minute or so to create (may be longer if you’ve included a large project!)


Click close to continue.

In the Project tab my project now has a small red cloud by the name signifying it’s in a Team project:


If I login to the Developer Cloud Service I can also see the new Project:


That’s it! My NetBeans project is now in Oracle Developer Cloud Services and the packages menu in NetBeans includes the Git options to checkout, commit, branch etc.





Paul CannonConnecting NetBeans to Oracle Developer Cloud Services

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