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IaaS for Apps – Building the Foundations: Downloads and Upload Images to OPC

by Philip Brown on 6th April 2017 No comments

This is the third part in the IaaS Foundations for Applications – Building the Foundations series, Downloads and Upload Images to OPC. You can view part one about Orchestration Basics here and part two about Deploying into IP Networks here.

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This is a quick blog to cover two things:

  • How to upload private images into OPC (without downloading them to your laptop)
  • How to register private images in OPC

First thing I want to highlight is that if you’re uploading images into OPC from OTN then you don’t really want to download them first on to your laptop.  You really want to download them somewhere else which probably has a quick internet connection….like an OPC instance.

If you haven’t seen cliget before then it has literally saved me hours / years.  Basically; it will transpose any download into a CURL command which you can then copy and paste to somewhere else to do the download.  Therefore when I’m downloading software from OTN I get the download link using cliget and then just copy and paste it to the Linux instance.

Downloads and Upload Images to OPC

So the download of the Oracle Storage Cloud Appliance – Cloud Distribution to an OPC instance took about 1 minute and it’s over 2GB.  Now the next thing I need to do is upload it to the OPC Storage Cloud and then register that as an instance.  For this I have two option; use the REST API or use the Java uploadcli tool.  Whichever you use will be a matter of preference but here is the uploadcli tool.

You can download the upload tool….(I know I know) from here.

You will also need a JRE Runtime from here.

Downloads and Upload Images to OPC

You can choose either the zipped or rpm install of Linux, I choose the zip and well just unzipped it and then added the java bin directory to my PATH.

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So I’ve got java installed (or unzipped) I’ve got the uploadcli tool (which is a .jar file) and I’ve got a copy of the image which I want to upload to the storage cloud which I downloaded using the cliget command directly to the opc instance.

So now I can upload the machine image using the uploadcli tool.  I had a couple of failures for the download initially so I changed the segment size.  The upload took around 2 minutes.

[opc@e73f30 ~]$ java -jar uploadcli.jar -url -user -container compute_images segment-size 1000 /u01/OSCSA-CD-pkg-v16.
 Enter your password:

INFO:Authenticating to service ...

INFO:Uploading File : /u01/OSCSA-CD-pkg-v16. ...

INFO:Uploading segment 1...

INFO:Uploading segment 2...

INFO:Uploading segment 3...

INFO:Uploading segment 4...

INFO:Uploading segment 5...

INFO:Uploading segment 6...

INFO:Uploading segment 7...

INFO:Uploading segment 8...

INFO:Uploading segment 9...

INFO:Segment [ 1 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:Segment [ 2 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:Uploading segment 10...

INFO:Segment [ 3 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:Segment [ 5 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:Uploading segment 11...

INFO:Segment [ 4 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:Uploading segment 12...

INFO:Segment [ 7 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:Segment [ 6 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:Segment [ 9 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:Segment [ 8 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:Segment [ 11 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:Segment [ 12 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:Segment [ 10 ] uploaded successfully!

INFO:File [ OSCSA-CD-pkg-v16. ] uploaded successfully! - Data Transfer Rate: 185034 KB/s

Now when you go into Images in OPC and select associate images you will be able to select the file you just uploaded.  Simples…

Downloads and Upload Images to OPC


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Philip BrownIaaS for Apps – Building the Foundations: Downloads and Upload Images to OPC

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