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Installing Advanced Analytics on Data Visualiser Desktop

by Pete Bunning on 13th February 2017 2 comments

I’ve been setting up Data Visualiser Desktop for a client and they were asking about the Advanced Analytics options.  So I thought I’d blog quickly about getting it installed.

Once you’ve got DVD installed and running there are options available is to use the more advanced capabilities of DVD by installing the ‘Advanced Analytics’ pack.  This allows you to use the functions shown below:



On the basic install, if you try to use any of the Advanced options in an Analysis you will be given instructions via a popup box:


Run the Advanced Analytics installer from the Windows Start menu:



This installs and configures a copy of the Oracle R distribution.

NOTE:   This is an open source distribution of R so is free to use.  Be aware that some advanced functions may use the Oracle R Enterprise (ORE) package which is a licensed option for the database.

Note also that this is not the latest version of R but it the latest that is certified to work with DVD. And if you have another version of R installed you may need to be change your settings in RStudio, for example, to reference the correct version once this install in complete.

The Windows installer runs through with just a few options to choose – the defaults are fine in most cases.


Once the main install has finished the system will download and install some R packages.


Just leave it running…


When that’s done restart DVD to pick up the new packages.  Now the Advanced Analytics options should work:




Pete Bunning

Pete BunningInstalling Advanced Analytics on Data Visualiser Desktop

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  • John - 9th May 2017 reply

    Have you tried to install these where the company uses a PAC file for their proxy setting?

    Pete Bunning - 22nd May 2017 reply

    Hi John

    Sorry no, not had to do that yet.


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