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OBIEE 12c multiple instances

by Paul Cannon on 25th July 2016 2 comments

A question I’ve been asked a number of times recently is can OBIEE 12c have multiple instances running from a single installation (aka multi-tenancy).

The short answer is no. The first releases of OBIEE 12c do not support multiple instances, only a single instance is permitted.

the following two documents on metalink confirm this:

However you can have multiple installations of OBIEE running on the same server, but they need to be completely separate installations with their own configurations – different Oracle Homes, different port numbers and separate RPD/Catalog/Security and different scripts to start/stop/manage them.

Paul CannonOBIEE 12c multiple instances


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  • James Padrón - 30th May 2017 reply

    Please: can you give me some notes or urls for achive or have multiple installations of OBIEE running on the same server over linux or other not windows,

    Rajesh - 8th June 2017 reply

    Hi James, Did you try multiple OBIEE 12c installations in the same linux server. Was the performance ok? Not sure of how many cores in your linux server

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