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ODI 12.2.1 – now available

by Pete Bunning on 30th October 2015 3 comments

It’s new release time and this week is a quite a bit deal for BI developers.

We’ve had both OBIEE 12c and ODI 12.2.1 released and, despite being busy with clients, I’m feeling anxious to start setting them up and having a look.

OBIEE is probably the more exiting for most people and the inclusion of the Visual Analyser and Data Mashups is certainly going to tempt a few to make the move.


Also out is ODI 12.2.1 with a focus on big data.  This doesn’t really affect me and my current clients but there are a couple of other new features which could be very useful.

The first is the improved life cycle management, including integration with Subversion.  I’ve been struggling with this a bit recently so it will be good to get the new version in and see what is possible.

The other item I’ve noticed in the support for Analytic functions in mapping expressions which should some powerful capabilities for adding ranks etc. and doing some complex aggregation that I usually end up doing in views.

The full details are here






Pete Bunning

Pete BunningODI 12.2.1 – now available

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  • Sham - 3rd February 2017 reply


    Very urgent !!!

    We have OWB on once machine & ODI 12.2.1 installed on another machine. When we are running migration script from machine where OWB is installed getting following error :

    Please configure the environment variable ODI_HOME to the installed location of ODI home, that is the home of Fusion Middleware installation.
    with DRY_RUN

    ODI_HOME is already set on the machine where ODI is installed.
    Please suggest. We are kind of stuck


    Pete Bunning - 13th February 2017 reply

    Hi Sham

    Is it something to do with the ODI_HOME on the OWB server? This isn’t something I’ve seen, sorry.


  • Sham - 17th February 2017 reply

    Hi Pete,

    I was able to fix the above issue by installing the ODI on OWB server also. However I totally didn’t get the point of installing ODI on the server where OWB is there. Because for migration, we need to install ODI on other (target) server also. So it don’t make any sense to install ODi on source server(where OWB install) for just making migration to happen.


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