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Oracle Management Cloud – Finding the Needle in a Haystack

by Francesca Battson on 17th March 2017 No comments

“It’s been said probably more times than you care to remember that; there has been a huge shift in IT with the on-set of Cloud. Systems management technology has evolved over the years; but our way of managing and monitoring environments hasn’t, i.e. the culture of infrastructure monitoring. The scale of infrastructure we have to work across is huge; and transient, finding issues can be like…well finding a needle in a haystack.”

Director of Cloud Strategy, Philip Brown has recently written an article which has been published in the 2017’s first edition of Oracle Scene. In the article, he explores the Oracle Management Cloud Log Analytics service. Phil demonstrates how this service enables you to work across infrastructure and application tiers to provide a better understanding of errors and issues and turn the huge volumes of operational log data into a useful commodity.

Here is an extract from Philip Brown’s Oracle Scene 2017 Oracle Management Cloud article:

Oracle Management Cloud is a suite of monitoring and management tools for today’s modern IT infrastructure. There are a couple of key things you need to understand about the Oracle Management Cloud; firstly, it’s based in the Cloud; this isn’t an on-premise solution which you need to feed and water. The only thing you install is agents which gather operational data. The next thing to know is that this is a suite of tools. You can use these services individually but the benefits of the solution become more compelling when you combine the services. At the time of writing there are seven services; Application Performance Monitoring, Log Analytics, IT Analytics, Infrastructure Monitoring, Orchestration, Compliance, Security Monitoring and Analytics.

The Problem…

Here is a little equation for you; ((applications + databases)*virtualisation)*cloud = ??? Fundamentally it equals lots of technology; tiers and tiers of technology all generating information which IS vital to the smooth running of the applications and enterprise. Even the simplest application with one application server and a database server you could have the following log files:

  • Host Logs
  • Database Alert Log
  • Database Audit Log
  • Listener Log
  • Web Server Logs
  • Access Logs
  • Application .out Logs

The challenge is that we need to search these log files efficiently and effectively. All the files will be in different locations on different servers so in reality there is no easy way to search all these logs. Traditional monitoring will search for each message in these logs but that is just searching silos of information. Being able to search these logs in a single command and look for trend analysis across these logs AND link this back to application performance issues is actually what we want to be doing. Log information is also transient and quickly gets deleted, being able to look retrospectively across time periods can also provide insight.

To read Phil’s full article on Oracle Management Cloud, please see Oracle Scene Issue 63 here.

Francesca BattsonOracle Management Cloud – Finding the Needle in a Haystack

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