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Accelerate Time to Value for Log Analytics with the Oracle Management Cloud

by Philip Brown on 6th February 2017 No comments

Oracle Management Cloud is the latest innovation from Oracle, a unique on-premise and in cloud suite of monitoring, management and analytics services, meeting the individual needs of each business. This unified suite enables you to improve IT stability, prevent application outages, increase DevOps agility and harden security across your entire application and infrastructure portfolio. To find out more about Management Cloud, click here.

In this blog, Phil discusses how Oracle Management Cloud can offer Log Analytics with a very quick time to value, allowing you to utilize and understand log data from your infrastructure and software stacks in a visual way.

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IT, we’re our own worst enemy.  I’m a technical person by background and I work with and see technology implemented all the time.  The challenge for technical people is that there are always two ways of doing things and one is way more appealing than the other.

A perfect illustration of this is database backups.  When I started out with Oracle it was the norm to write a shell script which would enable a database backup.  As time went on the tools created by Oracle to enable and manage backups pretty much did away with the requirements for scripts.  But those scripts kept getting written.  As I progressed my career in IT and worked with more and more clients, I came across more and more elaborate backup scripts written in all weird and wonderful languages.  Quite some time ago I shifted my focus to a ‘buy before build’ principle.  This is an architecture principle which states that if you can buy / utilize something of the shelf you should do that before building your own.

The problem lies in the fact that IT people are technical in nature, why buy something off the shelf when you write your own.  The problem itself is of interest to technical people; it’s a technical problem that needs to be solved.  But the problem is, you are now trying to solve two problems.  One is writing a backup script which can be used across your estate, across different versions of Oracle and two, is having a robust backup.  The key here is that the business doesn’t care about the former they only want the latter.  They want the robust backup and they want that to be achieved in the quickest time possible.  Sadly by writing four pages of Perl scripts to do something that Oracle created a tool for about 15 years ago is not the way to add value.

This blog was originally posted on Hayden James’ Linux Blog as a guest blog post and can be found here.

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Philip BrownAccelerate Time to Value for Log Analytics with the Oracle Management Cloud

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