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Oracle Management Cloud … A one trick pony? No, it’s a multi-talented pony and that’s the point!

by Philip Brown on 7th February 2017 No comments

Oracle Management Cloud is the latest innovation from Oracle, a unique on-premise and in cloud suite of monitoring, management and analytics services, meeting the individual needs of each business. This unified suite enables you to improve IT stability, prevent application outages, increase DevOps agility and harden security across your entire application and infrastructure portfolio. To find out more about Management Cloud, click here.

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In this blog, Philip will be discussing how Oracle Management Cloud is a single tool that combines multiple capabilities, and how the benefits are more apparent as you combine the services.

Let’s take something straight from the marketing material…. “Oracle Management Cloud is the next generation systems management technology”.

Ok, so what’s my point?  Oracle Management Cloud is a suite of tools that covers Log Analytics, APM, IT Analytics, Infrastructure Monitoring and soon will also include Orchestration, Compliance and Security Analytics.  So, that’s seven different functions from one tool, one platform and one UI.

Now if you’re from an Oracle background you may be thinking ‘so what?’.  But remember you’ve been spoilt by running Enterprise Manager which is a best of breed Oracle Database Management solution.  Imagine if you took that tool and broke down the various aspects of functionality and split them into separate tools.  That would mean different UIs, different installation requirements, different sets of the same data potentially.  Then if you wanted to go from monitoring to performance tuning you would have to log into different tools.  Fundamentally that would be rubbish, a complete pain, and you would think ‘why on earth can’t they just stick this stuff in a single tool?’.

When we look at the Oracle Management Cloud we see that you can purchase each service as a single entity; and it’s great to have that flexibility.  However, one of the key benefits of OMC is that it’s a single tool that combines multiple capabilities.  What you should also consider is that the sum of the individual components is greater than the individual parts.  Using just APM for example will give you some great insights into application performance; however if you want to then drill into the logs and you’re not running Log Analytics you then need to log onto the server and start trawling.  From there, if you wanted then look at overall system resource utilisation and compare a number of application servers you may then need to go and speak to the Unix chaps.

The more you push into the Oracle Management Cloud the more compelling the solution becomes.  The benefits of OMC are more apparent as you combine the services.

In the following example I want to demonstrate a couple of things; how easy it is to setup APM and then how quickly you link it into Log Analytics.

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So how difficult is it to install Application Performance Monitoring in Oracle Management Cloud?

Well, here is the command: ./ -d ${DOMAIN_HOME} -no-wallet

For Enterprise Manager your Domain Home will be here if you want to try it: …/gc_inst/user_projects/domains/GCDomain

So once that is done you will be able to see the various AppServers in the APM home page.  If you click into one of them it will give you some more details.

Oracle Management Cloud Phil Brown blog AppServers

Oracle Management Cloud Phil Brown blog AppServers

Now if we go into Log Analytics there is an automatic filter applied which corresponds to the section we were looking at in APM.  Also, the same time period is taken and therefore we can drill into the logs without having to redefine the query.  Notice the entity: gc13beta;7102;BIP.

Oracle Management Cloud Phil Brown blog AppServers


Being able to move between the various services is a great advantage of Oracle Management Cloud, and when combined with the fact that all of these services are serviced by an individual agent is also a benefit.  Finally, don’t forget that one of the benefits of this being a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, is that new functionality is being added all the time.  Even when I was writing this blog, I noticed a couple of enhancements from this weekend’s update.

To find out more about Oracle Management Cloud, download our eBook to learn more about what the next-generation suite can do for your business.

oracle management cloud ebook download

Or book a call with one of our advisors now to discuss your Oracle Management Cloud options.

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Philip BrownOracle Management Cloud … A one trick pony? No, it’s a multi-talented pony and that’s the point!

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