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Saving You 15 Minutes: #em13c Blogs, Links and Videos

by Philip Brown on 30th December 2015 1 comment

Last Updated – 22/05/2017
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If you have em13c related content let me know and I can add it in, happy learning.  Keep up to date with, @oracle_em, @oracleemsupport and blogs from me @pbedba

Install and Upgrades:

Gokhan Atil (@gokhanatil): Screenshots and Upgrade Advice –
Kellyn Pot’Vin (@dbakevlar):
A Tips for Upgrading to 13c –
Kellyn Pot’Vin (@dbakevlar): Installing a New 13c Environment –
Philip Brown (@pbedba): to 13.1 Extended Upgrade Outage –
Philip Brown (@pbedba): Upgrade to 13.1 Outage Requirements –
Philip Brown (@pbedba): Upgrade Approach for Dev OEM –
Philip Brown (@pbedba): Database Profiles in OEM upgrades –
Philip Brown (@pbedba): Upgrade to 13.1 with Previously Upgraded OEM –
Philip Brown (@pbedba): Upgrade Pre-Reqs for 13.1 –
Rob Zoeteweij (@robztw): Experience of 13c Upgrade –
Tim Hall (@oraclebase): Screenshots and Upgrade Advice –
Tim Hall (@oraclebase): Upgrade from to 13.1 –
Tim Hall (@oraclebase):
Installation of 13.1 –
Tim Hall (@oraclebase):
Upgrade from 13.1 to 13.2 –
Tim Hall (@oraclebase):
Installation of 13.2 –


Anthony Shorten: (@theshortenspot): Using Metric Extensions (SQL) –
Brian Pardy (@brianpardy): Monitor XE 11GR2 with EM13c –
Brian Pardy (@brianpardy): Securing em13c – UPDATED MAY 2017
Brian Pardy (@brianpardy): Script to automate lock down of all EM13c agents to TLSv1.2 with EMCLI –
Bethany Lapaglia (@BethanyLapaglia): Always On Monitoring –
CERN:(@cern): New Target Type Database Service –
Christoph Bauermeister (@MrAthlon): SSH Access for named credentials EM13c –
Courtney Llamas (@courtneyllamas): Changes to Target Properties –
Courtney Llamas (@courtneyllamas): What’s New and What You Should Know –
Courtney Llamas (@courtneyllamas): Enhancement to Optimizer Stats –
Courtney Llamas (@courtneyllamas): Deinstall Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c in one step –
Danny Bryant (@dbaOnTap): OEM 13c and LDAP Authentication –
Danny Bryant (@dbaOnTap): OEM 13c Roles and AD Groups –
Eric Benner (@Erik_Benner): Monitoring ILOMs –
Eric Benner (@Erik_Benner): Managing Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c –
Fuad Arshad (@fuadar): Enterprise Manager 13c and Database Cloud Service –
Gokhan Atil (@gokhanatil): Initial Console Setup –
Gokhan Atil (@gokhanatil): Disable Clusterware Autodiscovery –
Gokhan Atil (@gokhanatil): Performance Tuning Access to Read Only Administrators –
Gokhan Atil (@gokhanatil): OEM Plugin for PostgreSQL –
Gokhan Atil (@gokhanatil):
How to Modify the Retention Time for Metric Data in EM13c –
Gokhan Atil (@gokhanatil):
Using EMCLI for a mass property update
Job Operl (@jobaclenl): Implementing OraCHK in EM13c –
Job Operl (@jobaclenl): Usage Tracking Report using 13c as a SAM tool
Kellyn Pot’Vin (@dbakevlar): Adding Targets in Enterprise Manger 13c –
Kellyn Pot’Vin (@dbakevlar): System Broadcast –
Kellyn Pot’Vin (@dbakevlar): Hybrid Cloud Gateways –
Kellyn Pot’Vin (@dbakevlar): 13c BI Publisher Reports –
Kellyn Pot’Vin (@dbakevlar Brian Medoras): Custom Monitoring Templates –
Kellyn Pot’Vin (@dbakevlar):OMS Patcher –
Kellyn Pot’Vin (@dbakevlar):Corrective Actions –
Kiran Taylor (@ktailorUK): Monitoring Exalytics –
Kiran Taylor (@ktailorUK): Exalytics Times Ten Plugin –
Kiran Taylor (@ktailorUK): Oracle Traffic Director and Hybrid Agent –
Kiran Taylor (@ktailorUK): SOACS Hybrid agent –
Kiran Taylor (@ktailorUK): Enabling and Disabling BI Publisher in 13c
Martin Berger (@martinberger_ch):
Change Memory Settings –
Martin Berger (@martinberger_ch): Disable BI Publisher
Martin Berger (@martinberger_ch): Patching EM13 WLS
Martin Berger (@martinberger_ch): Patching with OMS Patcher
Martin Berger (@martinberger_ch): OPatch 13.9 in EM13c
Martin Berger (@martinberger_ch): Database Monitoring Template with DB Alert Log Metric
Patrice Le Tallec (@letallecpractice): Always On Monitoring –
Patrice Le Tallec (@letallecpractice): What’s new in LCMP –
Pete Sharman (@sharmanpete): New Features of Enterprise Manger –
Pete Sharman (@sharmanpete): Advances in Data Cloning –
Pete Sharman (@sharmanpete): em13c and AWS –
Pete Sharman (@sharmanpete): Selecting data from the repository –
Pete Sharman (@sharmanpete): Converting cronjobs to Enterprise Manager Jobs –  
Pete Sharman (@sharmanpete): Oracle Database 12c STIG Compliance Standard sample code is here! –
Pete Sharman (@sharmanpete): Read Only Users and Database Performance –
Richard Harrison (@dbaharrison): Cloud control 13c – now with full version numbers! –
Richard Harrison (@dbaharrison): Cloud control simple high availability in Azure –
Richard Harrison (@dbaharrison): Cloud control 13c – dude wheres my menu options! –
Richard Harrison (@dbaharrison): Cloud control 13c – upgrade (part 2) –
Richard Harrison (@dbaharrison): Cloud control 13c – SSO to Oracle Cloud with Azure –
Robert Zoeteweij (@robztw): Organise jobs in 13c –
Uwe Kuechler (@oraculix): Change repository connection string in 12c –

Saving You 15 Minutes em13c Blog Blitz (@pbedba):

What’s New:-
Consideration for Upgrade:-
New EMCLI Commands for Account Management:-
New UI:-
Pending Targets:-
Always On Monitoring:- and
Upgrades Pre-Reqs:-
Incident Compression:-
Configuration & Drift Management –
Access Model  – and
DBaaS and the Master Password –
Compliance and Corrective Actions – and
De-Bugging BI Publisher –
12c Feature for 13c? –
Installation Software updates –
OBIEE and 13c – and and and

Oracle MOS Notes:

EM 13c: Checklist for Upgrading Enterprise Manager Cloud Control from Version to 13c (Doc ID 2095192.1)
Enterprise Manager 13.1 Master Bundle Patch List (Doc ID 2124038.1)

Oracle EM13c VM:

Oracle Blogs:

Oracle OEM Blog – What’s New –
Oracle VM Blog – OEM13c and PCA –
Oracle Enterprise Manager Blog Spot –

OOW15 OEM Presentations:

Links to all OOW15 OEM Presentations –
UKOUG RDBMS SIG January 26th 2016 Presentation –  Upgrade to EM13c NOW

Oracle OTN Articles:

Enterprise Manager Books:

Oracle Learning Library and Videos:

Video 1 – Oracle Management Agents and Gold Images
Video 2 – Database Consolidation Workbench
Video 3 – Managing Consistency at Scale with Lifecycle Management Pack
Video 4 – Monitoring Exadata Machines
Video 5 – Clone From Cloud
Video 6 – SOA Management em13c
Video 7 – Console Overview
Video 8 – 13c Hardware & Visualization Management
Video 9 – What’s new in BIP and How to setup BIP Security
Video 10 – How to create a basic report
Video 11 – Track Compliance with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c STIG
Video 12 – Centralized Administration and Auditing of Oracle Weblogic Server









Philip BrownSaving You 15 Minutes: #em13c Blogs, Links and Videos

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