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Red Stack Tech offers a range of Professional Services to organisations who want to ensure they are receiving optimum performance from their systems. With Red Stack Tech on board you will experience all the benefits from your software and hardware and receive maximum return on your Oracle investment.

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Planning the future of your technology landscape can sometime be a minefield. With so much new technology being released, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep abreast and figure out what is best for your organisation and what isn’t. Red Stack Tech understands this and provides specialist workshops, business case / ROI projectors which help you and your team to get a better view of where you should aim to be.

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“We concluded that in terms of the technical solution, and in terms of their ability to support our implementation, what Red Stack Tech were offering was the right combination for us at the right price”

Martine Carter, Director of Strategic Planning, University of Surrey

Pro services

Popular Professional Services

GoldenGate / DBVisit QuickStart Service

  • Installation & Configuration
  • Skills transfer to your team
  • Advisory on how to get the best out of your software

Performance Tuning & Recommendations

  • 2 day exercise
  • Full recommendations report

Oracle RAC Install / Configurations

  • Configured best to fit your environment
  • Skills transfer
  • Best practices from Oracle Specialists

Are you thinking about an upgrade or migration but are worried about the costs spiralling?

Would you prefer an idea of what it WILL cost as oppose to what it COULD cost?

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Speak to Red Stack Tech who offer a wide range of Fixed Price Professional Services so you don’t get any unexpected surprises and can plan your budget accordingly.

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