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Welcome to OBIEE 12c: File Locations

by Paul Cannon on 10th December 2015 7 comments

Under the covers there are a lot of changes to OBIEE 12c, not least of which is the locations of the various files used by OBIEE. Most you don’t really need to know about, but there are quite a few which are really useful – to help with backup & restores, scanning log files when you encounter errors, some configuration files that may need manual editing.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are the locations of the most commonly used files (well, most commonly used by me anyway…)

In all cases below <obiee_home> refers to the location where OBIEE was installed, in my case /u01/app/obiee/

File Locations of most commonly used files in OBIEE 12c:

Common scripts bin directory.  This contains the start, stop & status scripts along with the data-model-cmd script for common tasks such as uploading/downloading repositories, updating application roles & users & setting repository variables plus many other utility scripts:


Weblogic scripting tool – – used for perform backups of the BI content (to ‘bar’ files) and other weblogic tasks:


Service Instances. Where the metadata for each installed BI instance is stored. There is one sub-directory for each instance and if you just performed a basic install there will just be one directory, probably called ‘ssi’


Repository (RPD) files. These are kept beneath the Service Instances directory. Note you cannot directly edit these – or copy them down to your pc and edit them there. You must use the data-model-cmd to upload/download them:


Web Catalog.  Where the dashboards, reports, prompts and all other user content is stored, along with some catalog config files. The structure of these directories is identify to OBIEE 11g, starting with root, then shared, users etc..


instanceconfig.xml. Normally you shouldn’t edit this file directly, you should use the mbean browser in enterprise manager, but there are occasions when you might need to.


NQSConfig.INI. Again normally you shouldn’t edit this file directly, you should use the mbean browser in enterprise manager, but there are occasions when you might need to.

<obiee_home>/user_projects/domains/bi/config/fmwconfig/biconfig/OBIS/NQSConfig.INI This file can be used to define environment variables for OBI.


config.xml. Security file containing, amount other items, the security realm details from weblogic – really handy if you have a LDAP issue and weblogic won’t start!


fmwconfig. This is a folder contain many security files – system-jazn-data.xml, various SSO, wallet and other security config files.


xmlp-server-config.xml Configuration file for BI Publisher and the Mobile App Designer.


odbc.ini, odbcinst.ini & tnsnames.ora.  All three of the data source connection files are located together:

<obiee_home >/user_projects/domains/bi/config/fmwconfig/bienv/core

odbc template files – useful for copying the basic config for new data sources into the actual odbc files used by OBIEE above:

<obiee_home >/bi/common/ODBC/Merant/7.1.4

Log files.  There are still separate log files for the five BI components and the Admin & BI managed services within weblogic, but there are now all located together in the same area.

AdminServer Managed Service logs:


bi_server1 Managed Service logs:


BI Server logs:


Presentation server logs:          


Java Host logs:


Cluster Component logs:


Scheduler logs:




Paul CannonWelcome to OBIEE 12c: File Locations


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  • Gary - 19th October 2016 reply

    Would you know where the log settings are for each of the logs you mentioned here? I want to control the log size and purging frequency.

    Paul Cannon - 26th October 2016 reply


    you can play with the log configuration in the enterprise manager. go to the business intelligence biiinstance page, then you want the diagnostics > log configuration tab.


  • sathya - 16th December 2016 reply

    Hi guys,
    I need to know how to take backup bar file and catalog file without using manual method
    please let me know and revert me as same

    Paul Cannon - 19th December 2016 reply


    I blogged about this earlier in the year:


  • Shreyansh Shah - 30th August 2017 reply

    This blog series is really helpful and we installed OBIEE12c ( successfully using this.

  • Monica - 9th November 2017 reply

    Please where is the location for sqlnet.ora file

  • L. Syrotynski - 23rd February 2018 reply

    Where is the bieehome.htm file in the unix environment ? I’ve read your article about “OBIEE 12c: remove the ‘New Home page’ Link” but have not yet been able to find the file location. My unix skills/knowledge is little to none — learn as I go. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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